An incredible limestone Quarry, transformed into the ultimate playground.

The Morrison Quarry

The Morrison Quarry


Since 1941 the Morrison Quarry has been an iconic property in the Outaouais and National Capital region. Overtime, it's purpose has shifted gracefully from an active quarry specializing in the recovery of brucite, to a photogenic recreation area that captivates the imagination of thousands each year.

The quarry is a separately run recreation area from Great Canadian Bungee that has numerous activities to offer in it’s own right, including: a pic-nic area, a swim-at-your-own-risk beach, a beach volleyball area, a playground and a horsehoe pit.

A wrist band must be purchased in order to access the grounds at the entry kiosk to the Morrison Quarry.

Incredibly, the lake in the Quarry is also a world famous scuba diving training ground. With 140 feet of depth, magical green/blue waters and purposely sunken wrecks for wreck-diving training, the quarry attracts divers from all over Canada. Divers must sign a log book showing that they are PADI or SSI certified, possess an FQAS card and must pay a dive fee to access the site. Reservations are currently required for diving at

A Place Made for Bungee!

A Place Made for Bungee!

Great Canadian Bungee became Morrison Quarry's most famous tenant way back in 1992. Since that time, bungee jumping and RIPRIDE activities have taken place from the south cliff face of the quarry, 200 feet above the lake. This is truly a unique environment for bungee jumping and the views from the tower are amazing.


As you enter the quarry property from the highway, driving straight ahead will lead you into the Morrison Quarry parking area and turning right will lead you to the Great Canadian Bungee parking area. Although both companies are separately run, with separate fees, it only makes sense to experience them both on the same day. It is possible to walk from one property to the other, but moving your car is preferable. Please see the map for details.

The Morrison Quarry recreation area will remain closed for the 2020 season due to COVID 19 regulations. The Great Canadian Bungee is open. Please consult the map for access to the GCB parking lot. For further information on the Morrison Quarry closure email