Summer 2016

Publié le mercredi 6 juillet 2016 12:00

Great Canadian Bungee was the place to be for the first weekend of June! This has been one of our best start of seasons yet!

So far this season we’ve had around 1500 people come out and stretch their limits as well as enjoy the awesome view. The Ripride, our 1000 foot zipline, has been increasingly popular this season. HD videos of every jumper now offer multiple views of the jump, including a really cool close-up of the jumper preparing to jump up on the tower.  This year marks the Great Canadian Bungee’s 25th year of being the destination for any thrill-seekers that wish to live on the edge. A special Tshirt celebrating our 25th year of operation is now available for a limited time only!


Publié le mercredi 4 mai 2016 15:25

Et c’est parti! Le beau temps est arrivé et nous accueillons les sauteurs ici au Great Canadian Bungee. Quoi de mieux qu’une bonne dose d’adrénaline pour démarrer la saison estivale? Le saut à l’élastique d’une hauteur de 200 pieds (61 m) vous la procurera sûrement, ainsi qu’une glissade sur notre tyrolienne RIPRIDE! Rassemblez vos amis et venez faire un tour, on vous promet une journée inoubliable! L’extase vous envahira le corps avec chaque saut. Réservez dès maintenant en appelant le 1-877-828-8170, ou en visitant

GCB's RIPRIDE zipline reviewed by the Lowdown

Publié le mardi 1 décembre 2015 16:18

Local reporters tested 3 of the local ziplines and here's what they had to say.

Let the Good Times Roll

Publié le mardi 20 mai 2014 13:28

We're off and rolling in to another adrenaline filled summer here at GCB. It was a little bit of a chilly start to the season but T shirts, shorts and water dips are just around the corner. Log on to our FACEBOOK page or follow us on TWITTER to keep up to date on our summer events like Amnesty International's "Jump for Freedom" coming this June. 

This summer we will be introducing new RIPRIDE zipline packages. You can RIPRIDE all day for just $91.32 pus tax or 3 RIPRIDEs for $60.88 plus tax and a single ride for $30.44 plus tax so book online today!

Bienvenue a la saison 2014

Publié le vendredi 31 janvier 2014 14:15

La date du debut de la saison 2014 est annoncé pour Samedi, le 26 Avril, 2014. Ceci marquera le debut du 22 ième saison d'opération du Great Canadian Bungee. Il est déjà possible d'aller en ligne et réserver votre date pour la saison qui arrive. Au plaisir de vous voir cette saison au rocher!

Fin de saison 2013

Publié le samedi 30 novembre 2013 12:40

Notre saison 2013 vient de prendre fin et un grand merci a tous les particpants et visiteurs qui sont venu essayer le saut à l'élastique et le Ripride lors de la saison dernière. Nous avons depasser de nouveauz le 10 000 participants et nous souhaitons un hivers agréable et au plaisir de vous revoir en 2014.

GCB makes the Bucket List

Publié le jeudi 17 octobre 2013 13:04

Great Canadian Bungee has made the 50 top things to do in Canada before you kick the bucket.

Check out the article at this link.

Nouveaux systèm de réservations en-ligne

Publié le jeudi 29 août 2013 15:07

Great Canadian Bungee vient de introduire un nouveux systèm de réservations en-ligne! C'est maintenant possible de verifier les disponibilités ainsi que de faire des reservations et acheter des certificats cadeaux en ligne. Consulter ce lien pour aller voir:

Great Canadian Bungee has now teamed up with Whistler Bungee making the 2 companies...

Publié le dimanche 18 mars 2012 11:47

Great Canadian Bungee has now teamed up with Whistler Bungee making the 2 companies the largest bungee jumping outfit in North America. Now the thrills, safety, and professionalism that you know and trust are available in the East and the West. Click here to jump to the west!


The Kraft Celebration Tour made a stop in Wakefield to donate $25,000 to ...

Publié le jeudi 26 août 2010 11:48

The Kraft Celebration Tour made a stop in Wakefield to donate $25,000 to build a new Community Centre and while they were in the area, Darren Dutchyshen and TSN crew paid a visit to the site. Check out Dutchie's story by clicking the following link.


Best year ever! 2009 was a groudbreaking year at GCB...

Publié le samedi 1 mai 2010 11:48

Best year ever! 2009 was a groudbreaking year at GCB, shattering our previous record for the number of jumpers in the span of our 6 month season. We would like to thank everyone who came out to jump, ripride or watch this past season. It is your spirit of adventure that drives us!

Everyday Jumping? On May 1st, 2010 we kicked off our 19th season of operation at "The Rock". This season will be the first in GCB history where we will be open every day until the end of the season! The once in a lifetime bungee experience can now be enjoyed 7 days a week from May 1st until October 31st. Remember to call to make a reservation.

Price drop on RIPRIDES! New for the 2010 season, add a ripride to your jump for only $22.15. This special price is only valid with the bungee jump/ripride package. Experience the one of a kind cable slide for cheap!

Hours and Pricing


Great Canadian Bungee instructors Matt Lawrence and Nick Steers were in Costa Rica in February...

Publié le mercredi 28 février 2007 10:48

Great Canadian Bungee instructors Matt Lawrence and Nick Steers were in Costa Rica in February 2007 helping develop a multi- activity bungee jumping facility. The 2 instructors were part of a team of industry leading professionals that spent the better part of a month in La Fortuna in the Central Costa Rican rainforest. Arenal Bungee


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