What is the RIPRIDE Zipline

The RIPRIDE zipline is an 1015 ft. cable slide. The RIPRIDE zipline starts at a spine-chilling 200 ft. above the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon. You are strapped into your safety harness and double checked by GCB's meticulous staff. The first 100 ft. of the ride, an accelerating cruise over land, doesn't even begin to prepare you for the remainder. You start to scream as you approach the now visible 150 ft. shear drop-off, but you are strapped in and past the point of no return. You now have 915 ft. of cable to zip down at an average speed of 85 km/hr. The ride is unreal! The best thing about the RIPRIDE zipline is that the whole family can ride.The minimum weight for the RIPRIDE is 70 lbs, the maximum is 220 lbs, however you must be under 190 lbs to ride in the flying position.

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