How long has GCB been in business?

GBC was formed in 1991. Our first season of operations was the summer of 1992.

Where is the site located?

At 1780 Route 105, Chelsea, Quebec. 30 minutes North of Ottawa and 2.5 hours West of Montreal. Our GPS coordinates are 45 36’ 47.17”N, 75 54’ 28.55 W.

How do I get to the top of the RIPRIDE zipline tower?

There is a five minute hike through the forest, then up a flight of stairs for the tower.

How long does it take?

The riding process, from the time you take the leap of faith until you are safely back on land, typically lasts about one minute. Our ride cycle time is approximately five minutes. The entire process including administrative functions, riding school, ride and retrieval, takes about 45 mins.

After the RIPRIDE zipline, are we lowered to the ground (water) or are we brought back to the top?

Once you have completed your zipline experience you are lowered down to a dock, you then walk back to shore.

What is the minimum/maximum age for the RIPRIDE zipline?

There is not age restriction, but all riders under 18 years old must present written parental consent before ziplining. 

Is there a weight limit for the RIPRIDE zipline?

For the Ripride zipline you need to weigh between 70 lbs and 220 lbs, however you must be under 190 lbs to ride in the flying position.

Can two people go down the RIPRIDE zipline together?

No it is not possible to go down the RIPRIDE zipline with another person.

Should I wear special clothing?

It is not necessary to wear special garments, however comfortable clothing is recommended. Dress appropriately considering the current and expected weather conditions. Not recommended are cowboys or other high-cut boots or skirts.

Can I get a video or pictures of my RIPRIDE?

We record each jump on video. After your jump you can view the video at our registration booth before purchasing. Unfortunately we do not sell photos or videos of the RIPRIDE zipline activity.

Do you still RIPRIDE zipline people, if weather conditions are severe?

We slide in the rain or shine. Only severe weather conditions i.e. very high winds and electrical activity prevent us from operating.

Is there a bus service that goes there or a Greyhound that stops near the area?

There is a greyhound bus that runs from Ottawa to Wakefield. To get details on schedules please contact the Ottawa Bus Terminal at 265 Catherine St. 613 238 5900.

How long before my preferred date do I need to reserve?

During summer months book as far in advance as possible for weekend reservations. For groups of five or more people the absolute minimum is 48 hours in advance. All bookings are subject to availability. If you are interested in a reservation please call us at 1877 828-8170 or 819-459-3714. 

How long before my reservation do I need to arrive to the site?

We advise that you arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment.

Is the bungee site open on Holidays?

Activities are available everyday between the end of June and beginning of September. 

In order to make a reservation, do I need to provide GCB with my credit card number to make full payment? What are the payment options onsite?

Yes, we do need your credit card info and paymrent as assurance that you will in fact be there and that the timeslots you book will not be empty. Payment can not be done on site the day of the activity. 

Can I purchase gift certificates?

We sell Gift Certificates online at:
or please call 1877-8288170 or 819-459-3714 to make a purchase.



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