All equipment used by GCB has been specifically designed and engineered for bungee jumping or rescue applications.

The equipment GCB uses meets or exceeds CBA, NABA, BERSA, SANZ and Australian specifications. In addition many of the items also have UIAA, ULI and NFPA approvals.
GCB uses the latest technology in Bungee Cord design & safety. Cords are designed to stretch 4 times their original length for an extremely soft ride.
Since its inception, GCB has been involved in the research and testing of new products, procedures and the development of safety associations and standards. In 1992 GCB helped form the Canadian Bungee Association (CBA) and authored safety guidelines for the organization. These guidelines are now used in several jurisdictions around the world to regulate bungee jumping. The guideline has also been used as a basis for the guidelines of other bungee safety organizations, such as the North American Bungee Association (NABA). GCB, is also a member of the NABA and GCB President sits on its Board of Directors as the Chair of Safety Standards

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