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What would it be like to work at Canada’s highest bungee jumping site?

Working at Great Canadian Bungee is truly an experience of a lifetime. Not only will you be helping people through one of the most exhilarating and challenging experiences of their lives, but you will be joining a team that fuses professionalism and fun together in a way seen in few other careers.You will get to work daily in a highly thrilling outdoors environment while constantly learning new skills that can serve you within the company, the bungee industry and other potential future fields.

What jobs are currently available?

The current list of active job descriptions available is listed below. You may click on the jobs to get the job description and to get some Q and A about the position. You may also contact us with any and all questions relating to these offers.


Marketing Manager, September 2020

Operations Manager, September 2020



How can I submit my candidacy? Who can I speak to about working for Great Canadian Bungee?


You can send your CV via email at:


Nick Steers


Toll free- 1877 828 8170